Chemical Pallets

CP Pallet Range

The CP(Chemical Pallet) range of pallets consist of CP1 through to CP9. Each pallet is manufactured to the CP specifactions that are primerily used throughout Europe. The complete range of CP pallets are manufactured to robust designs that are unique to each CP number and are capable of carrying substantial evenly spread loads.


CP1 & CP6: 1000 x 1200 mm

  • The CP1 and CP6 pallets are mainly used to transport bagged goods and boxes. The most important difference between the CP1 and CP6 pallet is the difference in bottom deck. The CP1 has 3 runners. Thanks to its rounded bottom deck and equal distribution of the load, the CP6 is used more often if the pallets need to be stacked.

CP2: 800 x 1200 mm

CP4 & CP7: 1100 x 1300 mm

  • The CP4 and CP7 pallets are commonly used for transporting bagged goods. The difference between the pallets is again the bottom deck: CP4 has 3 runners and CP7 has 6 runners – which is often called the rounded pallet.

CP5: 780 x 1140 mm

  • The CP5 pallet, with its standard size of 780 x 1140 mm, is often used for transporting containers.

CP3, CP8 & CP9: 1140 x 1140 mm

  • The CP3, CP8 and CP9 pallets are mainly used for barrels, octabins and big-bags. The CP3 pallet is the version with 3 runners and the CP9, like the CP6, has a rounded bottom deck. The size and bottom deck of the CP8 pallet are equal to those of the CP3 and CP9, but the CP8 pallet has a hole in the top deck so that it can be used for big-bags with bottom dumping.