Second Hand Pallets


For customers looking to reduce their supply chain costs, reconditioned wooden pallets offer a cost-effective alternative to buying new pallets.

Pontrilas Packaging provide a one stop solution for wooden pallets now including the supply and collection of recycled pallets. With seven logistics partners strategically placed around the UK this provides our customers and suppliers with a premium service. With the appointment of Jarrod Fisher who has over 30 years’ experience in pallet recycling this is a developing sector within the Pontrilas Group.

We stock a wide range of Standard, European and Chemical pallet sizes to meet the pallet requirements of a number of sectors including the Food, Pharmaceutical and Packaging industry. The pallets have been graded and quality checked to ensure our product quality is second to none.

Recycledpallets crop

We can also collect your redundant/scrap pallets and return them to our nearest site for evaluation. This ensures your site is kept tidy to meet health and safety regulations and, in some cases, subject to volumes and quality, a revenue stream is generated. Detailed management information is provided for each load to allow clear visibility of what leaves your business. Scrap pallets are processed and recycled into new life pallets or products including garden mulch and animal bedding this ensures no waste reaches landfill and supports our partners environmental policies.

For further information contact the sales team who will arrange a site audit to discuss your requirements in more detail.
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